MarmaladeFoo: Romulus


Romulus is a cross platform Gemini console application, written in C#.

Key features include

  • Interactive menus
  • Mouse support, including wheelmouse scrolling for consoles that support it
  • Monochrome yet beautiful gemtext rendering, by using whitespace and layout to indicate the page elements and structure. A quiet UI to save your eyes.
  • Fixes vertical spacing between elements for a global homogenous gemtext style
  • Pretty text rendering, including hanging bullets, nice quotations and the like
  • Interactive table of contents for each page
  • Fast history navigation, including remembering page offset
  • Bookmark support


Precompiled binary for x64 Windows

Optional - please provide your email if you wish to be informed about any new releases.




Showing Gemini Project home page

Showing an interctive menu of the page structure