MarmaladeFoo: Old News

Old News

Some older news entries:

  • 15-Dec-2020 - GemiNaut 0.8.9 released - including faster performance and fewer false positives with antivirus utilities
  • 6-Nov-2020 - Luteconv - a windows build of Paul Overell's lute tabulature converter
  • 7-Oct-2020 - GemiNaut 0.8.8 released - including signed installer and executable, simple html rendering, and other UI improvements
  • 12-Sep-2020 - created project page for Gemini utilities and the Duckling Proxy
  • 27-Aug-2020 - Web client autonomy - sailing the Small Web. Cross posted from my GemLog.
  • 8-Aug-2020 - release of GemiNaut 0.8.7, a good looking Windows client for Gemini.
  • 5-Jun-2020 - MarmaladeFoo now has a Gemini presence at gemini://