MarmaladeFoo: Luteconv

A MS Windows build of luteconv

luteconv is a command line application to convert between different file formats for lute tabulature by Paul Overell, covering common formats such as:

  • Wayne Cripps TAB
  • Fronimo FT3
  • Fandango JTX
  • Music XML
  • and others

It builds in part on some discoveries from my own reverse engineering of ft3/jtz for LuteScribe, and goes further to cover other music formats such as MusicXML and the emerging MEI tabulature format, providing a simple and coherent interface to convert between these various formats.

The original version of luteconv is built for Linux, and Paul's repository provides binaries for Linux.

Here, I'm pleased to host a Windows binary release you can download.

Further help and details of how to use luteconv are on the luteconv repository



Unpack the zip file somewhere on your Windows machine, and access luteconv via its command line interface (see below).


Convert between lute tablature file formats.
Supported source formats: abc, ft3, jtxml, jtz, mei, musicxml, mxl, tab, tc
Supported desination formats: abc, mei, musicxml, mxl, tab, tc
Usage: luteconv [options ...] source-file [destination-file]

Allowed options:
  -h, --help                      Show help
  -v, --version                   Show version
  -o, --output arg                Set destination-file
  -S, --Srctabtype arg            Set source tablature type
  -D, --Dsttabtype arg (=french)  Set destination tablature type
  -s, --srcformat arg             Set source format
  -d, --dstformat arg             Set destination format
  -t, --tuning arg                Set tuning for all courses
  -7, --7tuning arg               Set tuning from 7th course
  -i, --index arg (=0)            Set section index
  -f, --flags arg (=0)            Add flags to destination rhythm
  -V, --Verbose                   Set verbose output
  -w, --wrap arg (=25)            Stave wrap threshold

The destination-file can be specified either using the --output option
or as the 2nd positional parameter, this conforms with GNU options guidelines.

tabtype = "french" | "german" | "italian" | "spanish"
   The source tablature type is usually deduced from the source-file.  However,
   for tab files it is necessary to distinguish between italian and spanish
   tablatures. The default destination tablature type is french.

format = "abc" | "ft3" | "jtxml" | "jtz" | "mei" | "musicxml" | "mxl" | "tab" | "tc"
   if a file format is not specified then the filetype is used.

tuning = Courses in scientific pitch notation, in increasing course number.
    Luteconv uses the tuning specifed by option --tuning, if given; otherwise
    the tuning specified in the source file, if any; otherwise the
    tuning is based on the number of courses used in the piece as follows:
    = 8   "G4 D4 A3 F3 C3 G2 F2 D2"
    <= 10 "G4 D4 A3 F3 C3 G2 F2 Eb2 D2 C2"
    >= 11 "F4 D4 A3 F3 D3 A2 G2 F2 E2 D2 C2 B1 A1"
    Option --7tuning, if given, will then modify the tuning of the
    7th, 8th, ... courses.

Where the source format allows more than one piece per file
the --index option selects the desired piece, counting from 0.  Default 0.

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