MarmaladeFoo: Gemini Utilities

Gemini utilities

Here are a number of command line utilities and libraries that you can plug into your workflows for browsing Gemini and the small net.

These are written in Go, so can be built for the common platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac etc).

License: MIT

Command line apps


A command line application that converts HTML to text/gemini. It is a wrapper around the html2gemini Go package.


A command line application to retrieve a resource from gopher://


A command line application that retrieves pages using HTTP GET. A very simple client for retrieving web resources.

Duckling Proxy

A filtering HTTP/HTML proxy for Gemini - see Duckling Proxy


A Go package (library) to convert HTML pages to text/gemini. This can be integrated into other projects, such as html2gmi and the Duckling proxy.