MarmaladeFoo: Geminaut


GemiNaut is a user friendly GUI client for the Gemini protocol by Luke Emmet. It aims to provide a comfortable and user friendly experience of Gemini on MS Windows.

In many ways it behaves just like a normal web browser, except it is for viewing gemini:// pages.

Gopher sites and document-centric web sites (aka the Small Web) can also be viewed.

What is Gemini?

Gemini is a protocol and text format designed to radically simplify the experience of writing and sharing hypertext content on the Internet:

  • - Gemini Project home (on www)
  • Gemini Project home : gemini://
  • MarmaladeFoo now has a Gemini site: gemini://

Key Features of GemiNaut

  • Attractive GUI with familiar browser navigation features
  • Focus on readability of content and ease of use
  • Smooth content wrap and flow
  • Image viewing and file downloads
  • Content theming engine - view the same content in different visual themes or create your own
  • Automatic site based themes - help to distinguish one site from another
  • Easily distinguish links outside of Gemini (e.g. to HTTP web servers) from the link style
  • View source
  • Page level table of contents (Fabric and Dark themes)
  • Support Gopher protocol
  • Browse simple web sites and HTML content
  • Open source/GPL 3
  • Bookmarks
  • Client certificates
  • Good accessibility support for screen readers and assistive software


  • Current release, 26-Aug-2022 - version 0.8.13 - simplify .NET dependencies, support Windows 11
  • For full details of updates and change history see GemiNaut history


Download application binary for windows.

Optional - please provide your email if you wish to be informed about any new releases.



Fabric theme

Default "Fabric" theme - showing site specific themes. These automatic themes make it easier to find your way around Geminispace which does not have the usual visual theming we see on the web.

Dark theme

A variable width font dark theme - colours inspired by dark themes used in code editors.

Plain theme

A plain and simple theme focusing just on the content and nothing else.

Terminal theme

For all the terminal junkies out there, and others that like to live in the dark.