MarmaladeFoo: Duckling Proxy

Duckling Proxy

Duckling proxy is a Gemini proxy to access the Small Web. Connecting to it with your Gemini client means you can access many web pages directly with your favourite client.

Cross platform, written in Go.
What is the Small Web?

The Small Web are those pages on the WWW that are typically characterised:

  • simple and document/content centric, using simple headings, bullets, links and tables only
  • accessible to different web clients, but do not need a monster browser such as Chrome to view them
  • do not require client side javascript
  • do not require tracking, cookies, forms or authentication to be viewed
  • can be accessed using standard HTTP GET requests
  • could be rendered as text/gemini without significant loss of information
  • apart from the huge commercial mega sites, a significant portion of the web

With Duckling, you can now browse the Small Web using your favourite Gemini client, and just open a standard web browser only when you need to!
What is the Duckling proxy?

The Duckling proxy is a scheme-specific filtering proxy for Gemini clients to access the web. It behaves as a normal Gemini server, except it retrieves its content from the web. You can tailor its behaviour when it starts, to tailor how web pages are transformed to gemtext.

It is scheme-specific, i.e. it is designed to handle HTTP requests only. Agena is another example of a scheme specific proxy, supporting gopher://

Web pages are translated to text/gemini. Other web resources are returned directly.

The primary intended use case for this proxy is as a personal proxy to make the web accessible to your favourite Gemini client.

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