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  • 18-Sep-2022 - Luteconv 1.4.7 released - a windows build of Paul Overell's lute tabulature converter
  • 26-Aug-2022 - GemiNaut 0.8.13 released - simplify .NET dependencies, allow install on Windows 11, minor UI improvements
  • 19-May-2021 - Romulus 1.0 released - an attractive Gemini console app
  • 4-Apr-2021 - GemiNaut 0.8.11 released - including client certificate support, and improved accessibility for assistive software

See also old news for previous entries.

Software projects

The following software applications are available for download.

These are all Windows GUI applications.

  • LuteScribe - a GUI program for editing lute tabulature
  • GemiNaut - a user friendly client for browsing Gemini space
  • XpackerX - a utility for packaging up a script application with its runtime for ease of sharing

Cross platform libraries and utilities (written in Go)

  • Gemini utilities - libraries command line utilities for Gemini
  • Duckling proxy - an HTTP proxy for Gemini, so you can browse the web from your Gemini client
  • Luteconv - convert between various lute tabulature formats